ABC Song

ABC Song

ABC Song: Learning Game for Kids. Read the Review!

Version: 1.0.3
Size: 35M
Author: TabTale
Language: English
Rating: 4.1
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ABC Song Review

It is said and believed that if learning is made entertaining for the little ones, they grab the concepts faster and remember them forever. The creation of ABC Song app is based on the same premise. There is a slew of fun activities and games that make the learning for the small ones fun and interactive. Make your kids sharper and smarter with memory games, animal games, and other sing-along activities. There are also educational drawing activities that introduce children to the colors and various other elements. Ensure that the basics of your kids are strong with this amazing ABC Song app.

Features and Functions

There are plenty of features and functionalities that have been incorporated into the app. All of them are interactive and help the kids in learning various concepts. There is an interactive sing-along feature in the app which introduces children to the English alphabets in a creative way.  There is also an A to Z animals coloring book in the app. Each of the letters comes with animal drawing page and related activities.

As you explore the app, you come across ABC Memory Game for your little ones. These games help them in improving their memory and concentration power. With the Animal Letters Match activity, the kids can drag the letter to the animals that start with that particular letter. There is also a Floating Bubble activity that helps them learn the English Alphabets.

The app also boasts of an amazing activity called Connect the Dots. In this activity, the kids get to learn about the letters. Then comes Floating Typewriter feature of the app which helps the little ones to pronounce the letter. Other than all the aforementioned, the app also has to offer 26 adorable puzzles teeming with lots of learnings.

On the whole, the app with its creative and interactive lessons ensure that the kids learn faster and in a smarter way.


The app has been designed keeping in mind the kids. Thus, the interface has been kept simple, appealing, and interactive. Excessive use of colors on the interface make the learning fun for the children. The flow of the app is straightforward and so is the navigation. There are no technicalities involved in the using the app that baffle either the kids or their parents. Strategic placement of the options on the interface makes the app easy to use.


Making the children learn the basic concepts of Math, English, etc. is a hard nut to crack. They learn with no interest and they soon forget whatever they have learned. However, you can change all this with the ABC Song app. It comprises of activities and tasks that make the learning amazingly fun and entertaining for your little ones. With songs, puzzles, and drawings, the kids learn the things faster and hardly forget anything that they learn. The app is super easy to install and it is compatible with a large number of smart devices. Enrich the learning experience for your small ones with ABC Song.

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